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April 2, 2021

Boerne TX MLS

Homes for sale in Boerne TX MLS can be accessed thru this link. 













April 1, 2021


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March 30, 2021

Testimonials about Charley and Alisa as Realtors

Click to read even more of Charley and Alisa's over 100 five star reviews!

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March 29, 2021

Home Decorating Tips for Spring

For many, enhancing their home decor scheme with each season is a way to bring the outdoors in. And there is no time this feels more necessary than spring. After a long, cold winter, it's time to let a little sunshine in you Texas home. Open the windows and get some fresh air. Bring in the bold colors of springtime. Here are a few home decorating ideas for the season.

Fresh flowers

The simplest, most effective way to bring the spring indoors is to set out vases of fresh, colorful flowers. Whether you buy them at the market or pick them from your garden, flowers will always bring joy into your home. In the early spring, daffodils will give your room a pop of sunny yellow. Flowers that are light blue, lavender and pink will also evoke the feelings of springtime.


Pastel accessories

The color palate most associated with spring is pastel. These muted tones of bolder colors bring to mind the feelings of flowers and fresh grass. You can add pastels to your home with pillows, throws, vases or other accessories. Try to mix green in with various pastel shades to give it a natural look.


Floral patterns

If fresh-cut flowers aren't enough to keep spring on your mind, try floral patterns throughout your living spaces. Go bold by adding floral furniture or wallpaper. Or if you want to keep your spring design transitional, add floral pillows, rugs or artwork.


Bold contrasts

Spring is also a time of bold contrast. Early in the season, we see the barest hint of green at the top of the trees or peeking out of the cold ground. You can do this in your home too by matching bold colors with neutrals. Brown and blue, gray and pink, and yellow and black are just a few examples of contrasting decor.


Woven baskets

Baskets are often associated with the season and can be an easy way to add a soft spring touch to your room. Baskets can also be very functional. Use one to store throws that you may still need on chilly nights, or to collect children's toys or pet's toys to keep clutter off the floor.

Do you want to be in your new home by spring? Call us today!

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March 28, 2021

Congratulations to New Home-Owners!

Congratulations to clients closing on their homes recently!

Charley and Alisa know that selecting a Realtor is a big decision, and they appreciate the trust you have put in them!

Do you know somebody who is thinking about buying or selling real estate? Email charleywasson@gmail.com to help them get started today!

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March 27, 2021

Is This Your Situation: Considering Buying a Home Sight-Unseen?

It may sound like a huge risk to invest thousands of dollars in a home that you haven't seen yet, but many buyers from out of state or overseas purchase homes sight-unseen. If you are looking to relocate, invest or simply want to jump on a home in a hot housing market, there are best practices to use for purchasing a home sight-unseen. Alisa and I have helped in many purchases like this, so we will make sure it is the perfect home before all is set and done!
Go Beyond Just a Slideshow
It's typical for buyers to just click through photos of a home, but these listing photos tend to show only the most flattering views in a home. Buying a home sight-unseen will require a more in-depth look, such as a video walk-through tour that gives you access to all angles of the home. 
Bird's-Eye View
The actual home isn't the only thing you'll want to take a look at – you will also want to virtually tour the neighborhood. Check out Google Earth and use Street View to get a feel of the area and the neighborhood. This can reveal potential issues such as close by highways or train tracks that may be hidden in the listing photos.
Extra Set of Eyes
Home inspectors can reveal all of a home's issues before you ever close the deal, but for remote buyers, home inspectors can be your eyeballs at the physical home. Inspectors are generally hired after an offer is made on the home, but for buyers who can't physically visit the home, an inspector should be contacted before an offer is made. Inspectors can take a look at the home's profile online – videos, photos – and can pick out what the sellers may be trying to disguise or hide. This proactive step can help you make a decision on whether to make an offer.
Check Comps in the Neighborhood
Taking a look at comparable homes in the neighborhood is important for remote buyers. If there is an issue with the neighborhood, the surrounding homes' asking prices or selling prices will reveal that. If you purchase a home that you don't end up liking, good comps mean you can sell it easily and quickly.
Request Walk-Through Contingency
The only way you can truly know if the home is right for you is to view it with your own eyes, which is why it's is in your best interest to negotiate in your contract a walk-through contingency, allowing you to walk through the property before sealing the deal. Keep in mind that with all contingencies, the seller doesn't have to agree to them. They may also ask for a higher purchase price to make up for the contingency. If you are truly on the fence with a property, ask for a walk-through contingency.

Buying a home sight-unseen is a tricky process. Call me for more information on how to prepare yourself for this type of sale: 210-478-8555. 

March 26, 2021

Charley and the Platinum Top 50 Realtors Give Back!

Proud to again be able to give back to the community at the SA Food Bank today with PT50 Realtors. Our work helped provide over 11k meals!

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March 25, 2021

Spring Planting Guide

If you're ready to get outside and get your hands dirty now that winter is over, there is nothing more rewarding than planting flowers. Planting some annuals that will give a pop of color to your yard is a great way to celebrate the spring. Here is our spring planting guide to give you a few ideas to kick-start your new spring flower bed.


Pansies, or violas, are a great way to add color quickly to your garden. They come in a variety of shades of purple or yellow and can match any outdoor decor. They provide ground cover, generally not growing taller than a few inches, and prefer sun over shade as well as soil that drains well. You can plant them directly in the ground or in containers.



There are dozens of petunia species, all with different colors and characteristics. They can tolerate pretty harsh conditions, except frost. That means it's best to plant them after you're sure the last frost has passed. Reds, purples and whites tend to be the most common colors for the flowers.



These flowers enjoy a more temperate climate and are good for either ground or container planting. They are perfect for hanging baskets, which accentuate your porch decor by adding color at eye level. There are many types of geraniums, but the annual flowers tend to be primarily purple.



Impatiens have become one of the most common garden annuals in the U.S. They come in bright, bold colors that can take your flower bed to the next level with yellows, oranges and bright pinks.



This small annual flower is a great choice for filling in bald spots in your flower beds or containers. Most often found in shades of pink, white or purple, it's an easy-to-keep annual that won't take a lot of work to maintain.

Are you ready to plan your own spring flower beds? Call us today: 210-478-8555

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March 20, 2021

Blending the New and Old

You may have noticed that buying second-hand items has become popular, especially in Texas. This practice reduces consumption, and upcycling can be better for both the environment and your budget. If you have a home that was built in the 1920s, 1940s, or even the 1960s, you may want to preserve some of that history while still keeping the home livable and comfortable. Following are some of the ways you can blend the old and the new in your home.

Repurpose Furniture

Whether you select hand-me-downs and family heirlooms or purchase worn pieces at thrift stores and flea markets, old furniture can make a real impact when used in the right way. You may not want to repurpose sofas or chairs without completely recovering them, but wooden furniture is more easily refinished and cleaned up.

Upcycle and Redesign

A trend known as upcycling uses older furniture and other discarded pieces to reinvent a like-new statement piece for your home. For example, people often use pallets as wood for shelves, small cabinets and tables. Check out local junk shops for items that can be completely repurposed and reimagined.

Research the Era

Some people can take inspiration from the house itself. Is your home a working-class bungalow built-in the 1940s? Tons of styles can help you decorate your house preserving its history while updating it for modern use. Midcentury homes, for example, are popular and people love including midcentury design in these spaces.

Create the Right Balance

Ultimately, blending old and new is all about creating the right balance. Using a large statement piece but adding smaller more contemporary elements can give your home amazing personality and make it really pop. Look at the pieces you’ve collected and decide what the unifying theme is and play with that.

If you want to talk about the style you envision for your new home, call us today to learn more, 210-478-8555.

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March 19, 2021

Watch the video of one of Charley and Alisa's newest Fair Oaks Ranch listings!

8927 Irving Hl, Boerne, TX 78015 | Charley Wasson from Shoot2Sell Photography on Vimeo.

You must see to believe this large four-bedroom home in Fair Oaks Ranch!  The downstairs is where the family gathers!  It features an open floor plan with soaring ceilings and a light and bright kitchen and living with tons of natural light!

Call to see it in person, 210-478-8555.

Adorned with many upgrades, like beautiful, yet durable, hardwood floors, oversized ceramic tile and luxury finishes!  The stairwell boasts wrought iron handrails and this home has 7 foot interior doors!

Step onto the Texas-sized covered patio and you feel like you own your own private part of the Texas Hill country. Enjoy mature Live Oak’s, decorative landscaping features and no neighbors behind your fully fenced yard!  Need even more room to roam? Check out one of the many homeowners association parks scattered throughout the area. With play structures, sand pit, walking trails and frisbee golf too!  Looking for real golf? Fair Oaks Ranch country club is just a short golf cart ride away from this master-planned community! 

Children in the community attend award-winning Boerne schools!

Large homes like this found in this pristine condition typically sell very quickly, so you are encouraged to make an appointment to see it today!

Call to see it in person, 210-478-8555.