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Sept. 6, 2021

What do various MLS abbreviations mean?

Have you ever seen a San Antonio or Boerne property in MLS and wondered what the abbreviation next to the property's status meant?  Here's a key from the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) that may help!  Any other questions about a property?  Call us, we're here to help!  210-478-8555 or email CharleyWasson@gmail.com


NEW - New
Used for newly entered listings. Must have a valid listing agreement signed by the seller before entering a listing. Listing will remain in a NEW status for 10 days from date entered, unless a status change is made within that 10 day period (includes price changes). After 10 days listing will default to ACT if no change is made.

ACT - Active
Used for all currently active, available listings. Listings that have a signed purchase contract should NOT be classified as Active.

BOM - Back on Market
Used for returned to active from off-market status (check expiration date). Listing will default to active 10 days after extension.

EXT - Extended
Used when extension has been signed.(Listing must be active or change to BOM must be done first).

PCH - Price Change
Used for list price change (listing will show as PCH). Will default back to active if no change is made within 10 days from price change.

AO - Active Option
Used when offer has been submitted with Options money for period specified in agreement.

AR - Active/Application Received
Used when active rental application is received.

RFR - Active RFR (Right of First Refusal)
Used when Right of first refusal has been issued.

PND - Pending
Used when the purchase contract has been fully executed.

PDB - Pending SB (Showing Backups)
Used when parties have agreed that property is Pending but will continue to be shown.

SCHD - Scheduled
Intermediate status used when a seller has executed the "Seller(s) Authorization to Exclude Listing from the Multiple Listing Service" as applicable. The listing's status will be "scheduled for activation" on an agreed upon date and, until then, the listing will only display in limited fashion under the "Scheduled Listings" search option.

EXP - Expired
Used when the contract between the owner and selling agent ends, at an agreed upon date in the listing agreement. Listing will automatically expire at midnight the date entered.

CAN - Cancelled
Used when a listing agreement between the owner and the listing agent is terminated prior to the listing expiration date.

WDN - Withdrawn
Used when a listing is temporarily taken off the market but a valid listing agreement still exists.

RNTD - Rented
Used for residential rentals (category 5) only. Listing can not be returned to market from rental status for statistical purposes.

SLD - Sold
Used when property has funded and closed. All sales closed must be reported to MLS. Sold status should NOT be used before the actual closing.
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Aug. 27, 2021

Sellers Checklist

Aug. 20, 2021

How much money will you need available to buy a home?

Down Payment  This amount depends on your lender’s requirements.  Due at closing

Closing Costs  Ask your lender for the most accurate estimate, your Realtor can help estimate this.  Due at closing

Option Deposit  This can range from $100 to $2,000 or more depending on how competitive the market.  This money gives you the right to terminate the contract for any reason during the stated days of the “option period.”  (Used for inspections, and to negotiate for any repairs, etc.) If you DO close on the home, this money goes toward your purchase.  If you terminate at any time, this will be retained by the seller.  (The earnest money may be retained too if you breach the contract.) Due at the time the seller accepts and signs the contract.

Earnest Money This is typically 1 percent of the purchase price.  Due at the time the seller accepts and signs the contract.

Inspection Fee For a normal residential home estimate 500 dollars.  Add 100 for pool.  Add 100 for septic.  Add 100 for Termite inspection.  If the home has multiple buildings, sheds, detached garages etc this will cost extra too.  Please budget accordingly.  This will need to be paid within 2 days of contract date.

Survey For a standard residential lot, this may cost in a 400-700 range.  More if the property has a pool, is larger, etc.  Sometimes this is paid for by the seller.  It’s negotiable who pays for it.  Paid for when ordered, usually, 15 days after the contract is signed.

Home Service Plan Sometimes called a “home warranty” this may cover you against unexpected breakdowns of home components.  Though it may be negotiated to be paid by the seller, the market we’ve been in means this happens less often.  They usually cost around 550 dollars for a typical home, and to add a pool, septic and other coverages may raise this price.  Please ask if you have questions about this. Paid at closing

If you have concerns or questions about any of these, or to inquire if you have enough money budgeted, please talk to your Realtor immediately to see if a plan can be put into place!  We’re here to help! Just call 210-478-8555




June 27, 2021

Why now is still a great time to buy a home!

June 27, 2021

How to leverage the equity in your home to buy your next home

I tried to come up with a theme song for


borrowing with bump


borrowing with bump but i couldn't come


up with one


well you had said that there's a lesson


you wanted to tell us about


how to what leverage the equity in our


homes to get our next home


some of those options would be a cash


out refinance


or a home equity loan


or even a home equity line of credit




and really the only difference between


those two is the home equity loan


is something if you have a set number


that you want


you can pull that out as a one-time


loan um and home equity line of credit




more so used as like a credit card and


so it's revolving so you have a


high balance limit and you can use that




pay it back whenever you need it


the new home i'm purchasing would you be


able to qualify that as a primary




or would it qualify as a second home


for my interest rate which is typically


a little bit higher


for a second home so it depends if




you're buying the new home to live in it




your primary residence then yes it's


your primary home and you can definitely


use it


all right that's cool that's awesome


that's great news because i know there's


a lot of people out there right now that




worried in this hot market that they


need that money out of their current


home to buy their next


but they don't want to go out shopping


with a contingency letter saying i got


to sell this one first


so if all the stars align and their




that the income ratios etc all work out


you could get them qualified with that




without their selling the other home


assuming they meet all the criteria that


the lender


has set up yes that is absolutely




if you just go google bethany bump


mortgage you should find her that's how


i always find her


that's an easy way too bethany thank you


thank you charlie thanks for having me


June 13, 2021

Why are home prices skyrocketing? (video)

Hey is Charley here and if there's one

thing you've noticed it's that home

prices continue to skyrocket

what's going on it's as simple as supply

and demand

there's just not as many homes on the

market as there was last year

check this out here in texas there's

almost 59 percent

fewer homes on the market than last year

does that mean home prices have gone

up 59 since last year not quite that

much but they've gone up a bunch

look at this here in texas almost a 12

price increase over the last year

what all of this means for you is if you


thinking about buying do it now before

the prices go up anymore

and if you want to sell your home this

is a great time to do it you've never

had more equity in your home than you do

right now give us a call we'd love to

help 210-478-8555

and you can see what's on the market

here in the San Antonio and Boerne area

at our website

visit www.myboernehome.com



June 6, 2021

The Reserve at Old Fredericksburg Rd

To see homes for sale in The Reserve at Old Fredericksburg Rd,

click this link.

Drive through tour of The Reserve at Old Fredericksburg Rd


I took a short drive through this gated community to show you what the streetscape looks like. Are you interested in learning more about this community? Call 210-478-8555 for questions about homes for sale in this upscale Boerne neighborhood. See this link for homes for sale in this community: https://www.myboernehome.com/blog/reserve-old-fredericksburg-rd/

May 28, 2021

Spring Branch Coming Soon

Email Charleywasson@gmail.com for more information



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May 20, 2021

Why now is a great time to sell your home


hey it's Charley here and now's a great

time to sell your home

the statistics don't lie look at this

in the last decade the number of homes for

sale continues to drop it's a historic


increased pressure from buyers means

lots of offers to choose from

ultimately we're gonna get your home

sold in a very timely fashion

the statistics don't lie now is a great

time to sell your boerne home

give us a call we'd love to help 210-470

and you can see what's on the market

right now in Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch TX at our website

www.myberneyhome.com thanks Boernetxmls.com


May 14, 2021

When is the housing market going to crash?

Realtor Charley Wasson discusses what the experts are saying about the current housing market.

When is the housing market going to crash

that's something i've been asked a lot

and it's something you've googled in

fact google says people have asked that

2 450 percent more over the last month

than ever before but the experts don't

think a housing crash is coming anytime

soon look at this:

experts at goldman sachs say strong

demand for housing looks sustainable

and they predict double-digit price

gains both

this year and experts at merrill

lynch say there are reasons to believe

that this is likely to be an

unusually long and strong housing


nobody has a crystal ball but there's

one thing i do know

now is a great time to sell your house

if you've ever thought about selling

give us a call 210-478-8555

top dollar low time on market it's going

to be painless

believe me we're going to help you

through it and you can see what's on

sale right now

at our website myberneyhome.com