Hey is Charley here and if there's one

thing you've noticed it's that home

prices continue to skyrocket

what's going on it's as simple as supply

and demand

there's just not as many homes on the

market as there was last year

check this out here in texas there's

almost 59 percent

fewer homes on the market than last year

does that mean home prices have gone

up 59 since last year not quite that

much but they've gone up a bunch

look at this here in texas almost a 12

price increase over the last year

what all of this means for you is if you


thinking about buying do it now before

the prices go up anymore

and if you want to sell your home this

is a great time to do it you've never

had more equity in your home than you do

right now give us a call we'd love to

help 210-478-8555

and you can see what's on the market

here in the San Antonio and Boerne area

at our website

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