Have you ever seen a San Antonio or Boerne property in MLS and wondered what the abbreviation next to the property's status meant?  Here's a key from the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) that may help!  Any other questions about a property?  Call us, we're here to help!  210-478-8555 or email CharleyWasson@gmail.com


NEW - New
Used for newly entered listings. Must have a valid listing agreement signed by the seller before entering a listing. Listing will remain in a NEW status for 10 days from date entered, unless a status change is made within that 10 day period (includes price changes). After 10 days listing will default to ACT if no change is made.

ACT - Active
Used for all currently active, available listings. Listings that have a signed purchase contract should NOT be classified as Active.

BOM - Back on Market
Used for returned to active from off-market status (check expiration date). Listing will default to active 10 days after extension.

EXT - Extended
Used when extension has been signed.(Listing must be active or change to BOM must be done first).

PCH - Price Change
Used for list price change (listing will show as PCH). Will default back to active if no change is made within 10 days from price change.

AO - Active Option
Used when offer has been submitted with Options money for period specified in agreement.

AR - Active/Application Received
Used when active rental application is received.

RFR - Active RFR (Right of First Refusal)
Used when Right of first refusal has been issued.

PND - Pending
Used when the purchase contract has been fully executed.

PDB - Pending SB (Showing Backups)
Used when parties have agreed that property is Pending but will continue to be shown.

SCHD - Scheduled
Intermediate status used when a seller has executed the "Seller(s) Authorization to Exclude Listing from the Multiple Listing Service" as applicable. The listing's status will be "scheduled for activation" on an agreed upon date and, until then, the listing will only display in limited fashion under the "Scheduled Listings" search option.

EXP - Expired
Used when the contract between the owner and selling agent ends, at an agreed upon date in the listing agreement. Listing will automatically expire at midnight the date entered.

CAN - Cancelled
Used when a listing agreement between the owner and the listing agent is terminated prior to the listing expiration date.

WDN - Withdrawn
Used when a listing is temporarily taken off the market but a valid listing agreement still exists.

RNTD - Rented
Used for residential rentals (category 5) only. Listing can not be returned to market from rental status for statistical purposes.

SLD - Sold
Used when property has funded and closed. All sales closed must be reported to MLS. Sold status should NOT be used before the actual closing.