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Considerations Before Moving Closer to a Loved One Needing Care

Written by Jim Vogel:

Considering the fact that the vast majority of elderly receive care at home and, as Pew Research Center notes, many are being cared for by a family member, it's no wonder more adults are struggling to decide when to move closer to their senior loved one who needs care. Making the decision to move is no small choice. Realtors Charley and Alisa Wasson explain how to identify when the time is right to do so and how you can help your loved one review their current living situation.

Who Should Move?

If you’re considering moving to where your aging loved one lives, chances are you've already considered why that's a better choice than having them move to you. Maybe you're retired and have been looking to move. Maybe you don’t have pressing obligations regarding work, children, or other family where you currently live. Maybe moving there seems simpler than undertaking the task of moving them to you. Still, think about the following before committing to move closer to them instead of the other way around.

Future Care and Home Layouts

It’s important to think about the longer-term plan for your senior parent. How will they receive care—at home, an assisted living facility, or another option? If home care is more appealing than moving to a facility, as it is for most older adults, know that home modifications are often a necessary part of that care.

But the current layout of a home can help inform the number of modifications that may be needed or whether the home and its location are even suitable for an older adult. A two-story home that sits at the top of a steep gravel drive may not be a feasible option, for instance.

Whether staying in the current home or moving to a new one, many regular maintenance chores will likely need to be outsourced, such as taking care of the yard and landscaping. Finding a qualified and dependable pro is easy and streamlined thanks to online service directories like Just Google “backyard landscapers near me” and read up on customer ratings and reviews to start the search, then get clear, written estimates from at least three companies.

Which Move Will Be Easier?

Part of deciding who should move depends on the ease involved in moving. If your loved one is frail or has a disability, moving them may be far more challenging. If, however, they're in relatively good health with fewer possessions or a less complicated house sale, it may make more sense to move them to you. 

If you're the one moving, consider getting preapproved for a mortgage. In addition to helping you identify how much you can borrow, preapproval gives you more flexibility in choosing a new home in your desired location.       

Of course, you could always opt for renting an apartment. Check to see which properties have disability access by filtering through the amenities list on Currently, of the available rentals in San Antonio, there are around 200 properties with disability access and 30 ish are geared toward senior living.

Buying a New Home Together

Some families may find that, instead of one person selling or buying a new home, CBS notes that it might make more sense to pool financial resources. Doing so may have several benefits. First, it can allow for the purchase of a larger home that's more comfortable for all. Second, you can buy something that will more easily accommodate long-term care goals, such as a home with a mother-in-law suite or a one-story. And third, you can select a new home that's close to the community and activities your loved one is familiar with.

Don’t Go It Alone

Moving nearer to a senior loved one may be a joint decision between you and your spouse or other family members. Talk through all the options with them, and enlist their help, or the help of other family members not in your immediate household, as you take the steps to handle the transition. And in your search for a new home, contact Charley and Alisa of Laughy Hilger Group today! 210-478-8555


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