t's tempting to go where most retirees decide to live out their golden years, but that may be the wrong decision for you. Of course, there are good reasons why places like Florida, North Carolina and Arizona are popular locations, but there are other factors to consider besides weather:

#1:  Nearby Care Facilities

It may be years away from now but when choosing a retirement home, you should think about finding one near high-quality care facilities. You are likely going to live in that home until you can't live on your own any longer. If your health starts to fail or if you already have medical conditions, finding a place with nearby care facilities may be a higher priority than climate for you. 

#2: Amenities

Amenities make living the retirement lifestyle that much simpler. It is why so many retirees choose to purchase homes and condos in 55+ communities rather than investing in a new single family home. With a retirement home in one of those communities you could enjoy:

  • On-Site Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness Centers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Party Gazebos
  • And More

#3: Proximity to Family

If something bad happens and you live thousands of miles away from your kids and grandkids who will be there to help you? Think about finding a home that is close enough to a nearby relative so that you have an emergency contact within an hour or so from your retirement home.

#4: Lifestyle

When choosing your retirement home, think about the type of lifestyle that it affords. Maybe you have always dreamed of living on a ranch out in Montana. But how will the lifestyle suit you? Will a ranch be too hard to maintain as you age? Will seclusion eventually wear on you? Spend time in your prospective retirement community to get a feel for the lifestyle to see if you would actually enjoy it long term.

#5: Affordability

Finally, affordability dictates most things. You can find really good bargains on real estate no matter what part of the country you choose to retire to. However, in more pricy markets, will your mortgage gobble up all of your incidental income?

Factor in your monthly expenses before settling on a house. You want nice but not so expensive that you will find yourself struggling to pay your bills once you get there.

These are just some of the factors that go into deciding which retirement home is best for you and your situation. Just remember, weather is not everything. For more information, feel free to contact me now.