Since the pandemic began, our homes have become an even larger part of our lives. Many now work from their bedrooms, attend social events over Zoom from their living rooms, and have taken up domestic hobbies like knitting and baking. Home improvement projects should reflect this increasing importance.

If you're looking to sell your home, it's important to consider what buyers will want. Even if you aren't looking to sell, starting projects early can make future improvements easier and make your home a more welcoming place to live. Be sure to save receipts and take before and after pictures to track your home improvements. A few simple projects can greatly increase the value of your property. Here are some tips and resources to get you started, courtesy of My Boerne Home.

Hire Professionals for Structural Projects

You can do many projects yourself, but there are a few things that should be handled by an expert. Plumbing, wiring, and heating can be dangerous to work on without proper training. The foundation of your home can seriously affect any DIY projects you undertake and is also best left to those with experience. The first step to a DIY home remodel may be to hire someone to ensure that the foundations and wiring of your home are in good shape. There are many online resources to help you find professionals.

Freshen Up Fixtures and Walls

Grimy or outdated walls and fixtures can make your home feel old. Luckily, these are also some of the most accessible ways to improve your home's value and appearance. First, try customizable wallpaper for your walls to add some style. Next, switchplates, curtain rods, and light fixtures are quick and affordable to upgrade, along with your kitchen taps. If you're willing to learn a few simple woodworking skills, you can even install your own crown molding.

Go Green

Access to healthy green spaces can improve mental and physical health. A beautiful garden will boost your mood and impress potential buyers. Many homebuyers in New Zealand are also interested in protecting the environment. Installing smart technology to monitor your energy usage can improve your home's value, lower utility fees, and save energy at a relatively low cost.

Enhance the Exterior

First impressions matter, and there are plenty of ways to “wow” guests and buyers before they even set foot in your house. A stone veneer adds a classy, natural look to your exterior and can be done professionally or DIY. If rock work is out of your budget, consider a bright coat of paint or new siding. A deck addition doesn't require any specialized electrical knowledge, and it can greatly improve your home's value and give you a place to enjoy some fresh air. You can also replace doors and windows for a cleaner look both inside and outside your home.

Focus on Value

Home improvement projects don't have to be flashy or wasteful. By focusing on structure, attractive details, green space, and a fresh exterior, you can easily make your home look and feel beautiful.


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