A formal dining room can feel like a step back into a bygone era. Many homes have this formal space but not every modern family hosts large sit-down dinners or holiday gatherings. There is no rule that your dining room has to be used for that singular purpose. If you’re considering turning your dining room space into a useful space for you and your family, the following are some ideas to get you started.


If you have small children, this could be the perfect room to convert into a playroom. Creating an indoor play area that keeps the toys and childhood clutter away from other rooms in the house is a smart move for many families. You can let your imagination run wild to design a fun space where children can play and create.

Media Room

Perhaps your dining room is the perfect place to set up a media center. This could be a room where you can watch movies, play video games, or listen to music. You can even use it as a studio space to play live music if that’s what you love to do.

Game Room

Games are a popular activity for family and friends. Whether you host a regular game night for role-playing games or poker or just play board games with your family, a dining room is a great space to set up a gaming table.

Home Office

If you need a home office, your dining room could fill that role perfectly. You can convert the space to include a desk as well as your organizational furniture. Depending on the dining room’s position within the home, it can provide a distraction-free environment without cutting you off from other home activities.

Schoolwork Station

Just like you work better with a dedicated home office, many children work better with a dedicated space for schoolwork. Although they could sit at the kitchen table or a desk in their bedroom, having a space that is solely used for schoolwork can get them in the right mind-set for learning and help them be more productive.

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