A pantry, or lack thereof, could be one of the most important but overlooked spaces in your kitchen. Where do you store food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated? If you have a small space, you may have to make do with a single cabinet. Or maybe you can introduce a stand-alone piece to act as a pantry. Or maybe you have an expansive pantry filled to the brim with food. Whatever option you have, pantries can become overwhelmed and disorganized quickly as we stash food after shopping and try not to think about it again until we need those items. If you want to clean out your pantry and set it up for better access, try some of the following tips.

Start with a Deep Clean

Remove everything, and we mean everything, from the shelves in your pantry. Before you begin going through the food, sweep the floor and the shelves and wipe down everything with your preferred cleaner. Get into the corners and every nook and cranny.

Properly Store Grains

Next, look at the grains you have on hand. Are they still in their original bags and boxes? If so, consider investing in airtight containers. Storing flour and other grains in these containers can keep the grains fresh and prevent pests from getting into your food storage.

Create a System for Small or Easily Lost Items

While you were pulling things out of the pantry, you probably found some items you didn’t know you had. Seasoning packets and soup mixes often get stuck behind other things. Take time to create a storage solution, such as a dedicated basket, for these small food items so they’re easy to find.

Invest in Organizational Structure

A lot of other organizational tools can help you keep your pantry sorted. For example, a spice rack is going to save you a lot of hassle trying to find the right spices when you need them. Provide bins for vegetables such as potatoes and onions that aren’t stored in the refrigerator.

Group Items Together

Now you can put things back. Take the time to group like items together rather than just throwing them back anywhere. Put breakfast foods together. Store cans and soups nearby. If you take the time to organize your food now, it’ll be easier to manage meal prep in the future.

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